Quality & Compliance

With a great sense of ethics and responsibility, Endopure has developed fundamental pillars of quality and conformity in the products it generates. In view of the purposes for which our API products are intended, whether in the food, cosmetic, human pharmaceutical or veterinary fields, we have the rigor to comply with applicable laws, regulations, requirements and standards (including cGMP, CFA, HACCP and others).

In order to guarantee the finest product in the marketplace, we started with a new modern state of the art cGMP government licensed pharmaceutical facility, proprietary equipment developed from scratch and a highly competent and experienced team.Product safety and quality is ensured by quality control tests and the entire quality assurance system. Always keeping in mind to contribute to the improvement of public health and well-being, because we know the healing potential of natural products. Here at Endopure, we respect nature and are guided by the principles of sustainability. Everywhere we can, we implement circular economy models. Come join us as we revolutionize Cannabinoids.